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The Blinds Spot Co, Australia’s largest range of indoor & outdoor blinds Specialist. We offers outdoor blinds that are specially designed to reduce glare and heat transmission, we have taken pride in providing the most practical and attractive outdoor blinds in Melbourne for many years. We work with the latest technology and materials from some of the most well-known brands on the market. We also aim to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor patio blinds.

Whether it be patio blinds to enclose your verandah area, or simply to transform your outdoor setting into something amazing with alfresco blinds, our options will be perfect for the task. They are made with the latest, pin-point accurate cutting machines, as well as durable parts, making them able to stand the test of time.

Our wide range of outdoor blinds in Melbourne are designed to cater for all purposes that you can think of. Featuring the latest gliding system, Ziptrak, our outdoor blinds will prove to be reliable under all conditions. Our blinds will also allow you to finely control the amount of privacy and light that enters your outdoor areas, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in peace.

We have weather resistant outdoor blinds for that outdoor setting that you’ve always wanted, to the more elegant of outdoor blinds for that distinctive verandah look. Our outdoor blinds are all custom made to order, and can even be motorised for more convenience.

Why Choose Outdoor Patio or Alfresco Blinds?

  1. Patio Blinds will get you the cover to use your Outdoor Area throughout the year.
  2. Increase your property value as a new potential buyer can clearly identify the space that will be used under cover in extreme heat and cold.
  3. Privacy is one of the key factors that kicks in as outdoor blinds prevent leaves and debris entering the property in extreme weather situation.
  4. Motorised outdoor blinds is an advancement in technology which can be controlled with a click from your smartphone.
  5. Outdoor blinds are extremely affordable and durable.

Practical blinds for all types of purposes and settings

We specialise in a wide range of outdoor blinds for both homes and businesses, including, but not limited to:

  • Alfresco blinds, great to create that distinctive, alfresco area that you have always wanted.
  • Patio blinds, which will allow anyone who has wanted that special verandah or porch area to live out their dream.
  • Zipscreen® blinds, the most weather resistant and easiest-to-use zip system that there is on the market.
  • External blinds for businesses, providing shelter for customers, as well as a great way to project your brand further.
  • Motorised blinds for that extra little bit of convenience, featuring the Somfy range of durable electrical systems.

Our team of staff are highly knowledgeable and experienced, so if you’re not sure on whether to choose outdoor blinds or patio blinds, they’ll be more than happy to help. They can also suggest some design tips for your new outdoor blinds and will be the best people to talk to regarding any queries you may have for any electrically operated systems anywhere in Melbourne.

So whatever you’re after, and wherever you are in Melbourne, talk to us today about how our outdoor blinds can beautify your home’s exterior. We can offer you a free, no obligation measure and quote service. We can also promise you that we will strive to be as cost-effective as possible and that our prices simply cannot be beaten.

Zipscreen alfresco blinds in Melbourne

Zipscreen Alfresco Blinds

Zipscreen alfresco blinds combine quality fabrics and parts with a unique, “ziplock” guide system. This system provides the fabric with a great degree of tautness, and also makes them easy to pull down or retract. Best of all, Zipscreen blinds come with a great degree of available colours and designs.

Zipscreen blinds also come with an impressive number of features, all designed to make sure that they will be long lasting patio blinds. These are:

  • Fixed side channels for secure, guided movement.
  • A leveller which will make adjusting for slants and oddly shaped areas much easier.
  • A simple zip function, running through the channels for accessibility of movement.
  • A slim, 40mm side function for simple and easy placement anywhere.
  • A side tension system, which holds the fabric taut and in place at all times.
  • A fully enclosed, powder coated aluminium hood box.
  • A range of external blinds friendly operating systems, including crank gear, spring operation, and Somfy electrical motors.

To read more about the range of Zipscreen blinds, you can click here to read this informative brochure from manufacturer Acmedia (PDF Format).

The benefits of having outdoor patio blinds

Outdoor BlindsThe outdoor blinds that we can offer your home will not only look great, but they will also offer you a huge amount of benefits. Our patio blinds are also made for the hotter summer seasons in Melbourne. They will be able to withstand and block over 95% of nasty ultraviolet radiation from entering the enclosed area, providing a safe, shaded area for when it gets hot.

Our outdoor blinds will also offer you much more, including:

  • Keeping the view from the enclosed area, whilst making sure that privacy from the outside is high.
  • Protecting the area from inclement weather, including wind and rain.
  • An easy to use solution for your outdoor areas, no matter how big they are.
  • A nearly invisible seam, that will not infringe on the open space around it.

Couple this with the huge range of colours that we can offer and our outdoor blinds are a perfect match for your home’s exterior. Best of all, we aim to provide the most affordable outdoor blinds across Melbourne and aim to best understand your needs and requirements before installation.

Downloadable Outdoor Sunshade Blinds Brochures

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