Auto Awnings

The Unrivalled Experts in Motorised Awnings

We specialise in high quality manufacturing of motorised awnings in Melbourne. It is our commitment to quality that makes us the name in awnings Melbourne has come to trust. Possessing vast experience in the construction, fitting and installation of awnings Melbourne wide for all occasions and scenarios, we are best placed to consult with and advise you on the specific type of awning that will suit your needs and requirements.

All of our awnings are tested for strength and durability, and can also be made electric for ease of use. This is your first port-of-call for truly stunning and effective awnings in the Melbourne area.

Providing Shade and Aesthetic Quality

Once a popular trend in the 1970’s, colourful awnings of all types have made a comeback, as many households across the state look to add privacy to their abode, whilst also blocking out the harsh elements of the Australian climate. As a result of this revitalisation, awnings prices in Melbourne have significantly dropped, and are now more affordable than ever before. With the advancement of technology used in the manufacturing process, awnings are also reliable, easy-to-use, and durable under all conditions.

Attractive Dutch Awnings

Dutch awnings, famed for their distinctive appearance and easy incorporation with many colours and pattern styles, can offer your home or shop front with an instant, eye catching feature. We possesses a great collection of attractive Dutch awnings, ranging from the more traditional shape to abstract versions, all in an impressive range of colours and styles for you to choose from.

Easy-to-use Folding Arm Awnings

Awnings once used to be quite cumbersome to wind up and down, but thanks to improved mechanical engineering, folding arm awnings now offer an unrivalled accessibility. Our motorised retractable awnings are powder coated for durability and protection from wind, rain and sun. With many years of experience in installing retractable awnings Melbourne wide, we are best placed to provide you with an attractive solution for arm awnings in Melbourne.

High Quality Sun Screens

With a need for homes to be versatile in how they use available light for outdoor areas, outdoor sun screens incorporated into an awning setting have become a very popular alternative to conventional sun screens. Auto sun awnings can either screen the light to make the area brighter, or block the sun out completely at the behest of the user. They can turn that distinctive patio area into a popular outdoor space for the whole family and special gatherings.

We possesses a wide range of sun screens online for you to browse through, each offering great light controlling qualities and a beautiful, sophisticated appearance for your outdoor areas. We have installed hundreds of auto sun screens Melbourne wide, and our highly trained, friendly staff are more than happy to consult with you on the type of auto sun blind that is right for your home.

Great for Commercial Applications

Awnings Melbourne wide are being increasingly used in commercial settings, where the opportunity to predominantly display brand imagery, whilst providing comfort for customers, is being seized upon by thousands of businesses. Commercial awnings in Melbourne are a particularly great idea for restaurants with outdoor dining settings, and as a result folding arm awnings and outdoor sun screens are being more frequently seen in the city’s many busy eateries.

Sun Screens, in particular, are a brilliant way to get the shop front exposure your business demands, whilst also allowing your diners to enjoy the occasion at your restaurant in complete comfort and shelter from the weather. As a leading provider of retractable awnings Melbourne wide, This is best placed to custom fit and install auto sun screens that will increase your brand exposure, whilst providing comfort and convenience for your beloved customers.

Commercial awnings aren’t just for restaurants, however, with many other types of commercial shops now utilising the many benefits of Dutch hood awnings. Dutch hoods can offer your business an instantly recognisable and distinctive advertising space, giving you prime advertising space on even the busiest of streets. Dutch hoods are also easily customisable, coming in an almost infinite amount of colours and patterns, all designed to perfectly complement your brand name and other supporting advertising imagery.

One Stop Shop For Awnings At Your New Home

We having provided the best curtains and plantation shutters Melbourne wide for many years, are best placed to directly advise you on which awning is best suited to your requirements. We manufacture all of our awnings on site, and possess a wide range of colours and patterns for you to choose from, allowing you to tailor your new awnings to suit your property’s exterior design.

Contact us today for a free quote and measure on (03) 9310 3730, and see the difference in quality and service that we can offer you! We specialise in all kinds of window coverings, and are best placed to offer you with a direct consultative approach to ensure that your needs and requirements are completely met. You can also pop in and visit us at our extensive showroom in Tullamarine to see first hand the magnificent quality of curtains and awnings that we have on offer.

Drop Arm Awnings & Auto Sun Blinds in Melbourne

Awnings are the most common and affordable solution to shade and protect your windows keeping your home cool in summer. This is achieved by creating a barrier between the elements and your window, hence blocking out the intense heat or cold before it enters the house. This is where our auto sun screens and drop arm awnings come into play.

We manufacture awnings with different types of fabrics to suit all requirements. Awnings can be manufactured using Canvas, Outdoor Sunscreen Mesh or Nautica waterproof Teflon coated Docril Acrylic.

Awnings can be manufactured with 2 different projections 150mm / 300mm depending on the application. Awnings operate on a side guide self locking arm system that allows the operator to easily adjust by hand or pull stick to suit a preferred position. Awnings can also be motorised with the use of a Somfy motor for easier remote operation. The side guide arms come in a wide range of lengths and can be tailored to suit any style or application.

Our Awnings also come with a custom powder coated hood that is available in a wide range of color bond and Dulux colors to suit the exterior guttering / facia colours of your home. The hood box is designed to protect the awnings fabric from the elements.

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The latest range of Acmeda Awnings

We stock awnings from the renowned and reputed Acmeda brand, making sure of their high quality and attractive design. The awnings from Acmeda are manufactured using the most durable parts and components that can be found anywhere on the market today, and will also prove to be a long lasting option.

All of their awnings are made in a wide variety of colours and designs, meaning that there’s an awning that will suit any type of exterior home design. Both of their ranges of awnings, the Kumo and Shan collections, have been hugely popular for their ability to be easily tailored to both old and new building styles, as well.