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Modernise Your Home with Motorised Blinds in Melbourne

If you are looking for ease and convenience in the use of your blinds, then you should consider utilising motorised blinds in Melbourne. These types of blinds not only have remote control and programming privileges, but contain a sophistication that is suitable for any home. What’s more, with electric blinds in Melbourne, you can get ready access to everything that you need in your curtains and blinds.

Somfy Automation Motorised Blinds

The Blinds Spot Co specialises in Motorisation and has taken internal and external blinds into a new era of sophistication, convenience and functionality.

  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Internal Sunscreens
  • Automatic Awnings
  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Outdoor Alfresco Blinds
  • Curtains


What Are the Benefits of Motorisation?

Motorised Blinds Melbourne – Motorised blinds are the most child safe option for window coverings as they eliminate the presence of manually operated cords or chains which can be hazardous to young children.

  • Motorisation offers the convenience of operating single or multiple blinds in unison with the use of various remotes.
  • Somfy has developed Sun sensors and wind / rain sensors that React instantly to the weather conditions. Blinds are automatically deployed when the sun strikes the building façade; wind and rain sensors can ensure external shades are retracted when the weather turns unpleasant to protect blinds from damage.
  • Motorisation is a convenient feature for elderly and people with disabilities enabling them to operate heavy blinds with ease or enable operation of blinds on high or difficult to reach windows. Motorisation offer the ultimate in convenient operation.
  • Motorisation also eliminates the physical wear and tear caused through manual operation and treatment of blinds. Once installed, the motors have internal top and bottom limits set to ensure that blinds will never exceed there intended position


Somfy Wirefree RTS (12V DC Battery tubular motor)

Customisable to Your Tastes

When a retrofit is required or power cannot be accessed the Roll Up Wirefree is the answer. Utilising power saving software and a reloadable battery wand, with RTS functionality and with its adaptable design, it

The Roll Up Wirefree does not require an electrician to install the unit due to the SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage) 12v it uses. The Roll Up Wirefree requires no extra effort than a manual blind to install. Somfy Remote options

Somfy Motorised blinds in Melbourne - Greater Flexibility and Convenience

Somfy RTS motors all feature a (my) position being a favourite position. This my option can be set to your liking at the time of installation allowing you to easily stop your blinds in the same position time after time. Setting your favourite position is easy, once done simply press the ‘MY’ button on your Somfy remote control. Somfy offers remote controls starting from 1 – 16 channel and different colour options to choose from.

Downloadable Brochures:
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