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Premium Basswood Shutters in Melbourne

Due to their incredible versatility throughout all seasons, and their particular period appearance, many households have chosen to invest in plantation shutters. Offering a distinctive look to your home, and ensuring that controllable light and privacy are kept as high as possible, it is little wonder that plantation shutters have become a popular alternative to conventional.

Plantation Shutters Cost Effectiveness
Plantation shutters prices are relatively low, and thanks to an advancement in technological innovation, can be placed on even the most unusually shaped window frames. Plantation shutters cost effectiveness stems from their relatively simple construction process, without compromising on the quality these window coverings can offer your household. Shutters can also incorporate numerous materials, allowing you to tie their appearance into your interior design.

Customisable to Your Tastes

A unique feature of basswood shutters is its easy incorporation of many numerous colours and layouts, each of which are designed to provide you with an infinite amount of versatility in decorating your home interior. Plantation shutters in Melbourne are typically painted in a white colour. The brilliant warmth and natural shine of basswood, however, allows for a natural coloured shutter that will be equally as brilliant as their counterparts.

The easily malleable nature of basswood, thanks to its medium density composition, allows its various shades and sizes to be easily tailored to any size or shaped window frame imaginable. Unlike poplar shutters, which have a fixed design, basswood shutters in Melbourne can be cut to your specifications easily and cheaply, and basswood coverings, as a result, are the most affordable shutters on the market today.

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Easily Fitted, No Matter the Window Space

Basswood’s easy incorporation into many structures has seen it widely used in other industries, and can be commonly seen in furniture, deckings, and even boats. Basswood has made an easy transition into the shutter industry, where it is the perfect material to use for even the most unusual of window spaces. Basswood shutters in Melbourne are also a great choice for those with unique, bent glass windows, as the basswood material itself can support the altered shutter mechanism to fit perfectly around the window frame.

Basswood, despite its ability to be bent and shaped to specific requirements, is surprisingly strong, and is one of the most reliable materials you can use for larger window shutters. Its renowned structural integrity makes it ideally suited as a shutter – where its mechanism is more intricate – as it is able to provide you with beautiful and effective control against sunlight and privacy for a considerably long period of time.

The Most Beautiful Basswood Shutters Available

We specialises in cutting, fitting and installing majestic basswood shutters, and can provide you with the best basswood material available at the most affordable price imaginable. With many years of experience in providing amazing curtains, shutters and blinds in Melbourne to a wide variety of different homes, we are best placed to provide you with a contemporary shutter arrangement that will add value to your property.