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Siena Folding Arm Awnings

Siena Folding Arm Awnings are adaptable shades and are a perfect add ons to your outdoor spaces. They add comfort to your favourite spaces and you can enjoy the outdoors during any weather. Siena Folding Arm Awnings are made to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Australia. These shades fit right in with any outdoor set up and are very convenient to operate. Their subtle colours and design makes any space beautiful and makes being outside a fun activity it should be!

Built to last, Siena Folding Arm Awnings will offer your outdoors a new and stylish look along with its protective shield.

These awnings provide the much needed shade and protection to the open space. Whether you are planning a family dinner out in the open or hosting some friends, folding arm awnings would add a great finish to your decorations. With their easy maintenance and robust quality, Siena FAA are very convenient for all the occasions.


Looking to upgrade your outdoor space?

Who does not like the new decor every now and then? Add a splash of newness and redecorate the outdoors within budgets. Siena Folding Arm Awnings are an amazing addition to your outdoor setting. Folding arm awnings has personalised pitch settings and satisfies the control requirements. The Blinds Spot Co. has durable awnings options with a wide range of colour bands and designs. It comes in Silver, White, Ivory, and Onyx colour frames. Also, custom powder coating is available which makes it possible to integrate the awnings with background settings and decor. Complement your existing space with the best customizable folding arm awnings in Melbourne.

We have a premium collection of Siena Folding Arm Awnings in Melbourne. We deliver quality products to all our customers and are available year round to meet your shades and blinds requirements.


Why choose Siena Folding Arm Awnings for your outdoors?

There are many benefits of installing Siena Folding Arm Awnings. They not only offer a protective layer against the harsh weather but also give a very promising look to your outdoors.
The Blinds Spot Co. has a superior collection of folding arm awnings for you. Siena FAA comes with sun, wind and rain sensors that make it easy to adjust the awning according to the weather.

  • Manual & motorised controls
  • Adjustable at different angles
  • Superior strength & stability
  • Easy to operate
  • Integrates with all the outdoor settings
  • Variety of colours & design to choose from
  • Protection against all weather conditions
  • Stylish & Adaptable¬†
  • Tried and tested against Australian weather¬†

Siena Folding Arm Awnings add elegance to your outdoor set-ups and create a safe space to enjoy the surroundings. As they are adjustable at different angles and are effortlessly managed and controlled, the folding arm awnings are capable of maintaining an appropriate environment outdoors. They are available in different sizes to custom fit your specific area.


Install Supreme Siena Folding Arm Awnings in Melbourne

Sleek and stylish, Siena Folding Arm Awning is an Italian inspired product with amazing qualities. It has amazing natural colour bands to fit right in any setup. The Blinds Spot team will guide you to select the perfect awning type and design. The installation is simple and quick. Based on your outdoor setup, you will have an extensive range of options to select from.

We have the following Siena range with us:

  • Extreme
  • Standard
  • Full Cassette
  • Semi Cassette
  • X-Over
  • Donatello
  • Modena

Call Us to book a free quote and consultation.


Our team of experts are available to walk you through the section and the installation process. We have amazing options for you to choose from within your budgets. Siena FAA has proven itself effective over the decades and has offered protection against all the unwanted elements.

Our life can become monotonous, falling back into the same routines; but Australian weather is ever changing. Protection against such unpredictable and harsh weather is absolutely necessary nowadays. Siena Folding Arm Awning is a reliable option for the same.

At The Blinds Spot Co., we have always thrived to meet our customers’ needs. Our awnings and blinds are of a top notch quality and we leave no stone unturned in providing the best service along with our premium products. Siena Folding Arm Awnings is one such reliable product.