Blinds in Melbourne

Get Your Windows Ready And Protected For Summer

Summer is here! It’s high time to validate your windows and make them ready to manage the heat! The heat can make your home uncomfortable, especially during the nights when you might lose sleep. The Blinds Spot Co. can help with a few simple solutions like blinds in Melbourne to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Install Curtains

Curtains are simple alternatives to control the amount of heat entering your home. Sheer curtains filter the sunlight during the day and give you privacy when you want to keep your heavier curtains or blinds open. Blockout curtains give you further control over keeping the heat out. The right type of curtains reduces heat by 33%. The best option is to opt for a curtain with a white backing as the white will reflect the light away from your home.

Install Awnings

Awnings are a fantastic option when wanting to add shade to your home and reduce heat getting in indoors while also creating a shaded outdoor area. In fact, you could reduce heat by up to 77%! Choose retractable awnings to be able to quickly roll them up during wild weather or the colder months.

Install Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds act as a shield against the sun and add a layer of insulation to your home. Opt for motorised roller blinds and set them on a timer to roll up or down during peak heat times. Install them directly over your windows or even around your patio to extend your entertainment area. The outdoors will still be protected from the sun.

Install Window Screens

Most Australian homes already have fly screens over their open window areas, but increase the protection against the sun with sunscreens. Let the sun in while also saving on energy bills. You won’t need to use your indoor cooling as often, meaning you could save up to 45% on your energy bill.

Schedule Window Maintenance

Damage, leaks, and cracks in and around your windows let hot air more quickly enter your home and are a huge contributor to heat gain. You may not even notice the drafts. Regular window maintenance can help you catch the damages before they become too much of a problem. In such cases, window maintenance will keep your home cool and protect the value of your windows.

Blinds are just some setups to keep you comfortably cool and save on your energy bills this Summer. Moreover, various blinds like indoor and outdoor blinds in Melbourne have the added benefit of keeping your home warm from the chill during the colder months.

The Blinds Spot Co. Will Keep Your Home Cool This Summer With Blinds

Being local to Melbourne, The Blinds Spot Co. team understands the extreme mood shifts of weather. We have the perfect solution for you to protect your home from the heat, or the unexpected, this Summer. Give us a call on (03) 9310 3730 for an obligation-free consultation with our friendly team and get your home blinds Melbourne residents demand installing.