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Durable and Effective Against the Elements

Poplar wood plantation shutters are the ideal choice for your home when durability and sun blocking is required, and We can provide you with poplar shutters that will deliver this and much more. We create our poplar plantation shutters from scratch, and are able to design your shutters to perfectly fit your window frames. We also have a wide variety of colours to choose from, allowing you to tie your new shutters in perfectly with your existing material.

Poplar is an extremely dense hardwood, and is therefore suitable for placement outdoors for that authentic plantation shutter appearance. Poplar is extremely resistant to expanding and contracting in extreme temperatures, and as such have been a particularly popular choice for plantation shutters in Melbourne, where we famously have “four seasons in one day”. Your poplar shutters from Us will represent these desirable qualities, as well as providing your home with a distinctly rustic feel.

The Highest Quality Poplar Shutters in Melbourne

We can provide you with only the most affordable and best poplar plantation shutters available anywhere in town. We possess the necessary experience and expert knowledge required, to perfectly and promptly install everything, from poplar shutters to retractable awnings Melbourne wide. Contact us today on (03) 9310 7370, and allow us to provide your home with a beautiful set of poplar shutters

Despite its hardness, poplar is quite easy to cut, and is also the preferred material for manufacturers of custom wood shutters, such as Us. Poplar plantation shutters are also the best option for those concerned with privacy and security. Poplar’s effective blockout quality – making it a popular alternative to roller blinds in Melbourne – in addition to its renowned strength and rigidness, is very hard to break down, and can perfectly keep straying eyes from seeing your home’s interior.

Poplar wood shutters have been a popular selection for businesses as a result, providing commercial properties with an attractive front to their company’s image, as well as necessary security.