retractable Roofing system

Why You Should Get A Retractable Roofing System?

Melbourne is well known for having four seasons in a day. It’s bright and sunny one moment, and hailing the next. You never know what you’re gonna get, which is why The Blind Spots’ Retractable Roofing Systems are a perfect choice for your outdoor patio.

Retractable Roofing Systems offer shade when needed and let in the light any other time. The freedom to choose when you have the shade is an advantage over permanent fixtures. Create a covered outdoor area for home barbeques and entertaining your friends and family! Frame your verandah or patio area with the retractable roofing system to protect it from harsh weather and highlight its aesthetics.

Or add a much needed outdoor seating area for restaurants, beer gardens, and cafes. An added addition of cafe blinds will shelter diners from street level noise and dust. Create a faux indoor space whilst being able to experience the outdoors.

Our retractable roofing systems are of the highest quality and powder coated for protection. The awning can be open and closed with the click of a button! The motorised mechanisms provide vital convenience in Melbourne where the weather can turn bad at any second.

The awnings have many benefits and features beyond just convenience. Our 5 year warranty ensures you have peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Other features include:

  • Completely waterproof fabric: Keep the rain away and your patio dry with a 100% waterproof roof.
  • The highest quality aluminium and stainless steel structure: The super strong frame will ensure your pergola stays standing for years to come.
  • A maximum projection of up to 10m: Choose to keep the roof half open to allow some light in or extend it all the way during rain to protect your patio.
  • A maximum width of up to 9m: Customisable to protect your entire verandah!
  • A rating of up to 11 on the Beaufort wind scale: These awnings are able to withstand a whole gale.

Customise every aspect of your retractable roof to suit your home! Options for customisation include:

  • Integrated LED lighting: Get the most out of your awning system at night by installing LED lights within the panels.
  • Over 120 frame colours: A wide range of colours to suit whatever your home’s aesthetic is.
  • Wind and rain sensors: Add an automatic sensor to open and close the roof during harsh weather.
  • Custom installation options

Installing a retractable roof system adds value to your home! It’s a smart investment that you’ll enjoy and will protect you for years to come. And if you’re ever ready to leave your home you’ve added value during the selling process.

The Blinds Spot Co. Are Experts in Retractable Roofing Systems in Melbourne

Blinds Spot Co. has vast experience in building retractable roofing systems designed specifically for the unpredictable Melbourne climate. Protect your patio and customise completely to your design aesthetics. Give our friendly team a call on (03) 9310 3730 for a chat about how we can help you out!